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About us:

Mediwhale is a pioneering AI healthcare startup focusing on predicting cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic disease (CVRM) risks using retinal biomarkers. The eye is the only organ where blood vessels are directly visible without invasive procedures, which is our key to unlocking unprecedented insights into human health. Capitalizing on the power of advanced data and AI technologies, our mission is to bridge the gap between doctors and patients, and accelerate the shift towards personalized and sustainable health, all seen through the human eye.

At Mediwhale, ML engineers are pivotal in converting our extensive biomedical data into sophisticated, large-scale AI models with unparalleled precision. Leveraging modern MLOps practices, they also streamline and automate the entire ML lifecycle in close collaboration with data engineers and scientists, which ensures continuous improvement and extension of our AI solutions. Their relentless pursuit of excellence forms the backbone of our groundbreaking initiatives, driving us towards a future where healthcare and technology seamlessly converge.

At this exciting juncture, we invite ambitious ML engineers to join our vibrant team, play a pivotal role in our novel initiatives, and develop alongside us.


  • Design, train, fine-tune, and deploy large-scale ML models based on extensive healthcare data.
  • Monitor and enhance model performance in production environments using the modern MLOps frameworks and tools.
  • Collaborate with data scientists and medical experts to optimize model accuracy and efficiency, and advance product values.
  • Work closely with data engineers to build systematic and automatic processes for model training, validation, and deployment.


  • Proficiency in Python and ML frameworks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Lightning, etc.).
  • Solid knowledge of deep learning models and algorithms.
  • Basic understanding of MLOps and ML lifecycle.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.


  • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.
  • Experience with productization of ML softwares.
  • Experience with MLOps tools and processes.
  • Experience with Git and Github for version control and collaboration.
  • Experience with Docker and Docker Compose for software containerization and orchestration.
  • Experience with medical or healthcare data.
  • Publication records or academic achievements in AI-related fields.


  • Flexible working conditions including work-from-home (2 days per week) 
  • Company-supported daily lunch and snacks
  • Annual comprehensive health check-up
  • Additional leaves including vaccine leave, birthday leave, and condolence leave, in addition to statutory annual leave
  • Support for work-related books and job-related training

Application Process:

  • Process: Document screening – 1st interview – 2nd interview – Final Acceptance

    • Tasks may be assigned according to the role, and the interview process may be subject to change.

  • Application documents: Free format (including resume)
    • Please highlight your motivation for applying to Mediwhale, your interest in the position, and your strengths related to the job
  • Interviews: Each interview is expected to take approximately 30 to 50 minutes

At Mediwhale, we deeply value the pivotal role ML engineers play in shaping our AI solutions and achieving our overarching vision. We’re committed to offering a stimulating environment where you can dive deep, innovate, and make a transformative impact. Our compensation is competitive, coupled with holistic benefits, and a work culture that recognizes and celebrates your invaluable contributions. Join us in this mission to redefine the healthcare sector, employing data as a tool to better lives and elevate health outcomes.

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