A retinal-based AI diagnostic solution to estimate your biological age.

Find your biological age based on your retina photographs


Biological age

Biological age can be defined as a quantity expressing the ‘true global state’ of the aging organism. Biological age better captures physiological changes associated with aging, compared to chronological age.

See more of yourself in your age

Reti-Age provides holistic healthy lifestyle coaching.

Your actionable personalized care plan

Reti-Age can provide educational resources for your healthy lifestyle based on your biological age.

How artificial intelligence predicts biological age

Biological age may better capture physiological changes associated with the aging process compared with chronological age. Changes in the retina are associated with aging. Trained and validated by a large set of retina images, the Reti-Age artificial intelligence analyzes the blood vessels in retina photos and predicts one’s biological age.

25 year-old retina

40 year-old retina

55 year-old retina

75 year-old retina

Cumulative damages can be found in retina as we age.

Distinct stratification in health issues

Based on the biological age measured from retina photos, Reti-Age predicts the probability of being over 65 years old. This is again grouped into 4 different quartiles with the 1st quartile meaning the youngest biological age and 4th the oldest. The all-cause mortality events and cancer events are successfully stratified among these 4 groups with the 1st quartile showing the lowest all-cause mortality and cancer events and 4th the highest.

All-Cause Mortality

Cancer Events



Find your biological age and best predict your mortality risk. Extend your lifespan and improve life quality with Reti-Age.


Save personnel costs to know your mortality risk using a fundus camera. Save valuable clinic time asking about your biological age.


We can estimate your age from your retina scan in all healthcare settings such as pharmacies, primary care, and optical outlets.

How Reti-Age works

Eye Scan

Take 1 retinal photograph per eye using a fundus camera by optometrists or technicians


Submit images to the cloud for analysis and type patient information


Automatically analyze for signs of aging risk within a minute


Generate personalized health screening results and download the report


Suggest lifestyle changes and regular check-ups based on the signs of aging risk


Get your result within a minute


Retinal photograph-based deep learning predicts biological age and stratifies morbidity and mortality risk

The Age and Ageing

Aging is an important risk factor for a variety of human pathologies. Biological age (BA) may better capture aging-related physiological changes compared with chronological age (CA).


Prediction of systemic biomarkers from retinal photographs: development and validation of deep-learning algorithms

The Lancet Digital Health

The application of deep learning to retinal photographs has yielded promising results in predicting age, sex, blood pressure, and hematological parameters.